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Medborgarinvolvering – Att involvera människor i samskapande av framtidens mobilitet

Lindholmen Science Park: Pascal, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg

Välkommen till ett temaområdesmöte arrangerad av Drive Swedens temaområde Medborgarinvolvering! Denna gång kommer mötet att fokusera på lärdomar från Drive Swedens strategiska projekt AHA II, samarbeten med flera intressenter, lokal know-how och hur man arbetar med co-designing och en medföljande verktygslåda från projektet.

Arrangeras av: 
Drive Sweden

The long-term goals for the Public Engagement thematic area aim at testing, evaluating and communicating user-involving innovation methods that invite both public and private actors to collaborate on how society should integrate new mobility solutions. We also want to establish a framework of principles on how to create this engagement. During this meet-up we will focus on these goals.

During this event, we will learn more about the results from Drive Sweden’s strategic project AHA II. The project aims at demonstrating and innovating ways to involve communities of people as well as public and private stakeholders in the design of urban mobility solutions in relation to first/last mile transport. To do this, AHA II has established two design ethnographic Urban Living Labs in areas in Gothenburg (Bergum-Gunnilsebygden) and Helsingborg (Drottninghög).