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Drive Sweden temaområdesmöte: Affärsmodeller & Policyutveckling

25 maj 2021 09:00 till 11:30
Delad data som en möjliggörare för framtida affärsmodeller.
Data on a screen. Photo: Markus Spiske at Unsplash.

(The event will be held in English)

Shared data is a key component for collaborations, both within sectors and cross-sectoral, and can therefore play a central role while developing new business models. Join us as we investigate the best ways to share data between mobility stakeholders and the different challenges and opportunities that data-sharing brings to the table.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • The role of data standards
  • Open APIs and cyber security
  • The mindsets, cultures and attitudes needed to be successful


9.00 Welcome and information on the open call
Josephine Darlington, Drive Sweden

9.05 Introduction to today´s event
Kent-Eric Lång Thematic Area Lead Policy Development and Mikael Rönnholm, Thematic Area Lead Business Models

9.10-10.15 Inspirational speakers
Erik Wetter, Stockholm School of Economics
Data standards as a key prerequisite for future mobility. Erik Wetter at Stockholm School of Economics and project manager of Drive Sweden project Sustainable Business Models for Robotaxi provides a strategic overview of strategic issues and challenges with a focus on what role standards play in technological ecosystems in general with examples from mobility.

Daniel Rudmark, RISE
The public transport industry is a frontrunner when it comes to data sharing, meeting needs from both from digital service developers, policy regulators, and the industry itself. In this talk we will hear about ODIN (Open Mobility Data In the Nordics) that summons national actors in the Nordics concerned with data sharing. In response to new EU regulations, ODIN members have jointly created the Nordic NeTEx profile, a core building block in an open digital infrastructure for mobility.

Petter Djerf, HERE and Johan Hägg NIRA
HERE and NIRA Dynamics present how vehicle software connected to a platform can be used to create safer roads. Which new challenges arise when the technology already is in commercial use and we need to create the right business models and collaborations?

10.15-10.30 Coffee-break

10.30-12.00 Exploring data-sharing business model challenges

Rami Darwish, Project Leader and Roland Elander from Drive Sweden Business Model Lab, will present the conclusions from work within the Business Model Lab on significance of data sharing for future mobility innovation.

Liselotte Mulder, Business Model Lab team, will hold an audience interaction and reflection session.

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