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Drive Sweden Lunch & Learn: Private 5G Networks

17 september 2021 12:00 till 13:00
Online - Teams
Cellular connectivity is yet on another evolution leap, thru the next generation (5G) of mobile cellular networks. Private 5G Networks is a brand-new way to use cellular connectivity, which brings a lot of new opportunities to the vehicle/mobility/transportation industry. But what are the differences between the open operator provided 5G networks and private networks?


(Eventet hålls på engelska)

Jointly with Ericsson and Telia, Triathlon Groups will facilitate our next Lunch & Learn the purpose is to create insights and inspiration on how 5G private networks can be used in our domain. Ericsson will explain the technology, features and solutions, on high-level. Telia will present some local use-cases and how private 5G networks can be provisioned in the Nordics. Triathlon will inspire on how to make sure that business needs best benefits of new technology to ensure commercial success.

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Arrangeras av Drive Sweden, Triathlon och Telia and Ericsson.