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Welcome to the Smart Mobility newsletter

”The way people and things move around will change significantly the next few years, and that change will be as dramatic as the switch from horses to automobiles” (Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Co, Feb 2016).

The last few years’ massive work on self-driving vehicles is now changing gear and traditional vehicle manufacturers, like Ford, as well as new players are increasingly looking at using automation to design new mobility services.
This newsletter aims to keep its readers abreast of just that; new exciting concepts within the field of Smart Mobility.
If you have received this issue of the newsletter, it is likely because you have subscribed to the Automated Vehicles newsletter. Viktoria Swedish ICT will also publish Smart Mobility, although this time on behalf of Drive Sweden. The format will be similar – short stories with references, based on factual information (not rumours) and editorial commentary.
We will publish this newsletter in English, because this is truly a global development, and we want to be part of the international dialogue on these topics.
Please join us on this exciting journey!   
Jan Hellåker, Program Director – Drive Sweden

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