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VOI, TIER and Lime Join Forces to Create Collaborative Association in Scandinavia

E-scooter operators VOI, TIER and Lime have announced the formation of the Nordic Micromobility Association, a collaborative effort to ensure a successful future for e-scooters and other types of micromobility options in Northern Europe. [1]

E-scooters first arrived in Scandinavia in August of 2018, with VOI flooding the streets of Stockholm with their orange branded two-wheelers. Gothenburg, Copenhagen and other cites soon followed; as did other brands of scooters, mainly U.S. based Lime and the German brand TIER.

Now, these three big operators of the North have created a joint association with the aim to secure a continued success-story for the companies and their products on the mobility market. The association is non-profit and open to all e-scooter operators to join, and its partners will still stay competitors at heart. One main focus of this effort will be to increase the dialogue and cooperation between these companies and cities and ultimately help to reduce emissions, increase connectivity and improve transport efficiency [2].


Personal comments

Even despite the apparent success-story of e-scooters during the last few years, they still have problems to solve in order to ensure that they become and stay an integral part of the emerging micromobility transportation system. This newly united front can be seen as a win-win move, both for scooter-companies who can stronger represent the wishes of the industry together and for cities who now have a go-to association to turn to for communication and cooperation. Hopefully, this can smooth the process of deploying e-scooters and other micromobility options in new cities, and ensure a sustainable and responsible continued operation in cities where they have already arrived.


Written by Darijan Jelica, RISE Viktoria.



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