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VOI and UPI Win Public Tender to Supply Stockholm with Bike Sharing

Bike sharing firms VOI and UIP Holding won a public procurement worth 400 million SEK and will now form a joint venture that will operate a bike sharing service in Stockholm, Sweden [1].

The win will enable the two firms to supply up to 7,500 electric bicycles and 500 electric cargo bicycles across the Swedish capital over 7 years. Starting from 2020, bikes can be rented all year round and in all neighbourhoods at a cost of 419 SEK (£34) per year or 28 SEK a day (£2.30). UIP will provide the vehicles with technology delivered by Urban Sharing and be responsible for the bike share operations.

The bike scheme will be partly funded by an agreement to sell 350 allotted advertising spaces within the city of Stockholm and advertisement on the bikes. However, there will be no advertising on the bikes during the first year. AdCityMedia will help with selling the advertising spaces.


Personal comments

This is a clear indication that the city of Stockholm is working towards making new modes of modality available to its inhabitants. Also, as the bikes are being offered at what looks like a subsidized price, enabling the firms to sell ad spaces is an interesting way to create a win-win for all parties involved.


Written by Mahdere DW Amanuel, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2019-05-28.  Swedish VOI and Norwegian UIP win tender to supply Stockholm’s new city-wide rental bike scheme in SEK400m deal