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UniqueSec is a high-tech company providing an innovative solution for validation of autonomous driving vehicles (AD) by testing the safety of automotive radars. Our product cuts long hours of test driving and make it possible to test hazard scenarios in the real world. The problem is today’s test-driving approach for verification is time-consuming and insufficient.

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ASGARD1 is the patented technology for over-the-air radar test and verification. It can generate distance, speed, and RCS (Radar Cross Section) perception of objects for the radar under test. Our technology provides safe, accurate and cost-effective in-lab hardware-in-loop (HIL) test for an agile development. Our technology emulates objects for the radars under test with high fidelity, for real-life tests without encountering to dangers. Furthermore, this technology provides annotated data for training of radar based deep neural networks, which is very essential and challenging for AI-based developments.

ASGARD1 has several unique advantages over competition in terms of number of generated objects and creating exceedingly small distance to objects which makes it attractive for Tiers 1 and OEMs.