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Transforming Delivery in Africa

Delivery solutions boost during the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa. The pandemic has resulted in spikes in e-commerce demand, which has provided increasing opportunities in the marketplace for e-commerce businesses and delivery companies. These opportunities are emerging more strenuously in the urban areas of some emerging economies in Africa. [1-2]   

In Lagos, Nigeria, ShapShap has been rolled out. ShapShap is an app-based start-up that is designed as a “one-stop-shop” which connects retailers, customers, and riders. It includes different mobility options from roller-skates to cars and vans. Also, the app supports a variety of instant payment options. Due to the lack of a city-wide railway system in Lagos, travel by road is the mean of transportation, leading to spending three to four hours of a daily commute in traffic. Interestingly, this very problem has caused an opportunity for e-commerce to explode. Ordering a wide range of services online has been the norm of daily life in Nigeria, already before the pandemic. [1]

Another example is Kenyan-based Sendy, the only logistics platform in Africa covering the first to the last mile,  launched a home delivery solution to boost local traders as well as enabling consumers to support families in need by matching every order with a donation. [2] The future of the African delivery business thus looks promising.


Personal comments

How the post-Covid-19 pandemic society will look is the subject of many contemplations, debates, and research. While the pandemic has been challenging for some businesses, it has boosted others. Will the effects of influencing factors be temporary, or will they last long after the pandemic? The pandemic has highlighted the role of the digital economy to combat the virus. Many traditional challenges have continued to hinder e-commerce activities while new opportunities have arisen. Some countries or companies are hit mainly by challenges, while some have been more successful in grasping the opportunities and boost.   


Written by Shiva Habibi, RISE. 



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