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The Drive Sweden Network map illustrates collaborations within the mobility domain

Access the interactive map

The map provides info about the companies and about their relationship. You can click on companies and the links between them to see their relationship.


Smart Mobility

This newsletter aims to keep its readers abreast of just that; new exciting concepts within the field of Smart Mobility. The format is short stories with references, based on factual information (not rumours) and editorial commentary.

The newsletter is administered by RISE Viktoria.

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  • 17 April 2018
    Uber recently announced a series of acquisitions and partnerships aimed at offering their users a higher degree of mobility versatility by incorporating electric dock-less bikes, public transport tickets and peer-to-peer car-sharing services into their platform [1].
  • A Call for Collaboration in This Year's Edition of Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services Conference

  • Load Up Your [Shared] Car!

  • Motorcycle Ride-Hailing Startup Wins Insurance Giant’s Funding

  • Daimler and BMW Joint Mobility Venture

  • Environmental and Financial Benefits of Autonomous Electric Taxi-Fleet

  • Collaboration Between Public And Private Transport

  • Swedish Cloud Platforms Enables Communication Between Emergency Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Waymo is Expanding With New Allies

  • What We Know So Far About Uber’s Fatal Accident

  • Uber and Lyft Return to Austin