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Smart Mobility - News and Comments

This newsletter aims to keep its readers abreast of just that; new exciting concepts within the field of Smart Mobility. The format will be short stories with references, based on factual information (not rumours) and editorial commentary.

We will publish this newsletter in English, because this is truly a global development, and we want to be part of the international dialogue on these topics. The newsletter is administered by RISE Viktoria.

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  • 21 November 2017
    Carlos Ghosn, the head of the alliance between Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, believes that private car ownership will continue to exist – even though companies like Uber predict that private ownership will disappear because of its inefficiencies. Speaking during an interview at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead conference last week, Ghosn said that new forms of mobility, like ride-hailing, ride-sharing, and car-sharing, will be “an additional business” to the traditional automotive market [1].
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