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SJ Promotes VOI Electric Scooters

Between April 29th and May 31st, members of SJ Prio and customers of SJ Biz can get 30 free minutes for riding VOI scooters in five Swedish cities, Oslo and Copenhagen [1].

SJ currently offers Prio members and Biz customers 6 free VOI credits, which represents a value of 60 SEK and corresponds to 30 minutes of riding time according to SJ and VOI [2,3]. The credits are obtained by submitting ones Prio- or Biz-connected email address on a web page [3], whereby a code which can be entered into the VOI app is sent by email. The offer is available between April 29th and May 31st, and the free credits are valid until August 31st [2]. Thus far, the credits can be used in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, Uppsala, Oslo and Copenhagen.

SJ describes VOIs electric scooters as a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get from the train station to your final destination, giving it the role of mobility provider for the “first/last-mile” of the trip.


Personal comments

On their facebook page, VOI announced this campaign by stating that they are “entering a partnership with SJ”. As far as I can see this is just a time-limited one-time offer to try out VOIs services, but it would be interesting if SJ and VOI had plans for more extensive collaboration. As it stands it seems more like a temporary promotion rather than a comprehensive partnership. Nevertheless, perhaps it can encourage more people across a wider range of demographics to try out the latest fad in transportation! For some, it can surely be quick and convenient to hop on a scooter when arriving at the train station instead of waiting for the bus or take a taxi the last stretch of their travel.


Written by Joakim Nyman, RISE Viktoria.



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