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Tunnll is a next-generation public transit technology. It transforms existing public transport bus
services to smart mobility systems. 

The objective and purpose of the project

Hundreds of small cities around the world can not afford to subsidize high-quality public
transportation. There is basically no public transportation at all or the waiting times are very
long in those cities. As a result, more than 1 billion people (low- and medium income families)
have very limited social mobility (jobs, schools, healthcare, job interviews, etc.).
Tunnll allows any existing transport operator in a small town to serve many more passengers with the same buses and drivers. At the same time it brings real smart mobility to the town residents: with Tunnll they can ORDER any bus with a smartphone app, like any modern app-enabled ride-sharing or taxi service.
The proposed project is designed to plan, design, implement and run a pilot service in a small
city in Sweden. The project will serve a limited group of passengers (early users). The
transport operator company Björks & Byberg AB (the main applicant) will provide vehicles
(buses) and drivers and the Tunnll startup company (Skanatek AB) will provide the technology
to run the pilot service. K2 (Nationellt kunskapscentrum för kollektivtrafik) will research the changing passengers' behavior. The project's expected duration is 2 years and the goal of the project is to deploy a pilot service for Tunnll in a small Swedish city,validate Tunnll's feasibility for passengers and efficiency gains for transport operators.


  • Project Period: 2017-06-01 - 2019-06-01

Björks & Byberg AB, Malmö Högskola,  Skanatek AB

For more information, contact:
Anders Lundström