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Traffic management of emergency vehicles

(2017-2018) The project aims to further develop the AD Aware Traffic Control platform with automated cloudservices for sharing Emergency Vehicle information between AD Vehicles (i.e. VolvoCars DriveMe-cars) and Emergency Vehicle Coordinators (i.e. SOS Alarm).

The objective and purpose of the project

AD Vehicles share position with Emergency Vehicle Coordinators and receive information about Emergency Vehicles’ positions and/or Most Probable Path(MPP). Allowing AD Vehicles or OEM Traffic Control to take appropriateaction: either revoke AD Approvalor, in the future, guide AD vehicles to move out of the MPP so the Emergency Vehicles can pass. 

The project aims:

  • Recycle AD Aware Traffic Control platform
  • View enhanced AD Advice functionality

  • Provide important challenges, consequences, opportunities, risks and recommendations


Emergency Vehicle Information -  29 augusti 2018:


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Project period: 
2017-09-01 - 2018-12-14

Project partners:
Volvo Cars, Carmenta, Ericsson, SOS Alarm, RISE Viktoria

Coordinating organisation: Volvo Car Corporation
Jesper Gunnarson