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System Solutions for Shared Cars

(2017-2019) The project’s aim is to enable a car sharing service through new technical and business solutions.
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
The project is part of KRABAT, a part of the Government’s innovation partnership program, “The next generation’s travel and transport,” and is funded in part by Vinnova through Drive Sweden.

A technical solution to equip the cars with must be developed in order for the car sharing to work between users and commercial operators. The work is divided into three areas:

  • Hardware development
  • IT solutions
  • Technical pilot

The project intends to carry out a pilot by identifying a geographic area and test persons as well as equipping cars with technical equipment that enables digital sharing of cars. Tests and evaluations of customer benefit and impact on the degree of utilization of cars that can be shared via digital platforms will also be carried out.

In order to attract users, different setups of the business model will be tested on different customer groups to create an understanding of market mechanisms and models for new customer-oriented offers.

A pilot was launched in 2019, where users were offered to share their cars through Hertz's rental fleet.

Time period


Project partners
Volvo Cars, Hertz, Sunfleet