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Sustainable mobility services

(2017-2019) The project (also named Scania GO) aimed to create and deploy mobility services, show scaling effects and develop business models. The results were positive with improvements in the employee's internal transport needs.

The objective and purpose of the project

This project intended to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a multimodal mobility service for passengers to, from and within Scania in Södertälje. The mobility service was cloud-based and multimodal including: internal taxis, mini buses, Scania Job Express, SL buses on routes crossing the area and electric bicycles. The service was demonstrated at Scania campus in Södertälje and offered to the approximately 12,000 employees.

The project also aimed to study business models for participating parties in multimodal transport services/mobility solutions from an operational, logistical and financial perspective.

The purpose and objectives with evaluating a multimodal mobility service for passenger transport in Scania's industrial area in Södertälje has been fully achieved. The conclusion that Scania Go has improved the conditions for the employees' internal transport needs, but that it does not solve the area's general traffic situation. Lessons learned from the project have led to that variants of the solution are explored, and the current solution appears to be implemented by another large employer.

Final report

This project is concluded, here you can find the final report and a presentation

Project Period:
2017-06-01 - 2019-05-31

Project partners:
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Verdict AB, Scania CV Aktiebolag 

Marie Ljungberg