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Strategic review of Drive Sweden

Drive Sweden has investigated how AI could support the vision to help Sweden taking a leading role in creating future mobility systems for people and goods that are sustainable, safe and accessible for all. This project resulted in a report that highlights challenges, possibilities and what is needed for AI to work as an enabler for safe and sustainable mobility.
The front page of the report.

In 2019, Vinnova gave all Strategic Innovation Programs a possibility to develop an AI strategy. Since the use of AI is becoming more sophisticated and useful by the day, Drive Sweden decided to identify challenges, both for mobility of people and goods, where advanced data analytics or AI can be an enabler to solve the challenges. The project focused on investigating the partners’ needs and interest in the area of sustainable mobility solutions and AI.

The review has resulted in both general results and a number of focus areas that could develop into new research and innovation projects. In the general perspective it is important to increase general knowledge of AI, to ensure trustworthy AI in the work ahead and to emphasize the system perspective for the mobility system.

The results also raises the need for setting up strategic collabora­tions between mobility stakeholders and AI experts in order to increase the potential of applying AI on mobility.

Other issues that are being highlighted in the final report include how to ensure trustworthy and ethical AI, i.e. complying with all applicable laws and regulations, future collaboration partners, the best ways of pinpointing new projects and proposed focus areas.

Final report

Read the final report here

Project period:
2019-03-01 - 2020-03-29 

Project partners:
Drive Sweden, RISEAI Innovation of SwedenEricssonKTHHalmstad UniversityLindholmen Science Park

Sofia Löfstrand,