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Security for autonomous vehicles from a societal and safety perspective

The digitalisation of society, for the most part, means a very positive development in society. In the area of mobility, smart connected vehicles can contribute to more sustainable and efficient transport systems that can also meet the needs of the individual.

At the same time, more and more questions are being raised about how secure these systems really are. It is therefore of the utmost importance for the continued development of smart mobility solutions that cybersecurity plays a prominent role.

This project aims to raise the issue of cyber security for autonomous connected vehicles to system level with a focus on enabling a positive social development. In this feasibility study, the project will utilize a new mobility arena in Linköping called ELIN and build on an actor constellation of eight public and private organizations. On a technical level, ELIN combines an electric autonomous bus with a digital infrastructure that includes, among other things, a Control Tower function, which allows external control of the bus. This creates new exciting opportunities as well as new risks, especially related to cyber threats.

The project intends to investigate and analyze these risks, but also to carry out an external analysis of what standards and initiatives exist and how different actors need to relate to them.

Time period
November 2019 - October 2020

Mikael Asplund, Linköpings Universitet

Project partners
RISE, Scania, Transdev, Combitech, Ericsson, NFC