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Plan for central Gothenburg

The development of self-driving vehicles goes very fast and systems that under certain conditions support autonomous driving will soon be ready for a market introduction, with effects on an overall community level.

Examples of effects are social and urban planning, settlement patterns, travel patterns and travel habits, road work, forms of car ownership etc. A major challenge is therefore to ensure that the new technology and the technical systems interact with the city's infrastructure and physical planning.

Purpose and goal
The purpose of the project is to lift problems, obstacles and opportunities with autonomous vehicles and transport systems in the physical planning. The goal is partly to show what opportunities the new technology can bring in urban development, but also to show what is required of the technology development in order for it to provide the benefits for cities and society that are highlighted, as well as increased knowledge and understanding.


Expected effects and results
Many things are still unclear or unknown when it comes to autonomous vehicles, a number of different assumption will be required. The project involves producing some of the form of scenario analysis. Furthermore, the work with the plan will probably show on a row knowledge gaps and factual shortcomings. The following will, among other things, be reported in the separate study and the scenario analysis: Prerequisites and assumptions regarding transport and transport system, description of the area broadly for 2050, conflicts of interest, general street sections, effects on urban planning.

Time period
Initially 2017-05-04 to 2018-11-31, later extended to 2019-09-30. 

Anna Svensson, city planning City of Gothenburg: