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The project aims to investigate, develop a prototype and evaluate the potential of using smaller autonomous electric vehicles to perform last mile deliveries of packages and goods.

E-commerce is growing extremely fast, and in the future this can have a very negative impact on our planet. Future parcel deliveries will be dominated by self-propelled delivery models. This new technology will be introduced faster than many believe. There are many different bottlenecks in the modern distribution chain, especially the delivery of goods from the city logistics hub to final consumers, often referred to as "last mile".

The purpose of the project, and the long-term goal, is to explore new innovative and environmentally friendly ways of performing the last mile deliveries. The project was to go from idea to finished prototype by exploring, investigating and building a self-driving last-mile robot to solve the problem of costly, time-consuming and environmentally friendly transports.

The project was expected to validate if the intended solution was / is possible to implement and whether it can replace current solutions in order to reduce emissions of fossil fuels in the future. The outcome was positive as the prototype works and there is interest in developing further on the solution that the project led to. The HUGO prototype is based on a modular design where all sensors for driving autonomously are in the chassis. With this design, the robot can be adapted to deliver a large variety of packages and goods.

Time period
2018 - 2019

David Börjesson:
+46 (0)702 67 54 45

Project partners
Ericsson, Sportlala, Textilhögskolan i Borås