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Guidance for journeys with highly automated vehicles

(2019-2020) The project combines two relatively unexplored, but promising technologies – vibrotactile guidance and highly automated vehicles – to create, test and evaluate a solution that combine these technologies. This has potentially life changing effects with respect to freedom and quality of life through independent mobility.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to study the conditions for blind (B), deaf (D) and deaf-blind (DB) people to travel independently on autonomous vehicles with guidance technology. The goal is to give increased freedom and quality of life for this group.

Objectives of the project

When the project is completed, the following goals should have been achieved:

  • A survey of B / D / DB needs before, during and after traveling with autonomous vehicles under Swedish conditions.
  • Existing prototypes for vibrotactile guidance of B / D / DB should have been tested in a new context - use of autonomous vehicles.
  • Travel with autonomous vehicles should have been tested and evaluated with B / D / DB regarding user-friendliness and potential benefit for the individual and for society.
  • An assessment of the scalability and the need for technology development for the proposed solution for public transport and travel on sickness shall be carried out together with the project partners.

Project period:

Project partners:
Örebro universitetNorconsult AstandoVästtrafikVGR SjukresorSynskadades riksförbundPariception AB. Coordinating organisation: RISE Viktoria

Jonas Andersson, RISE Viktoria