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The digitalization of the transport delivery chain on roads

The project will study the improvements that can be achieved through digitalization and data sharing by gathering actors from the entire freight value chain.

The project is preparatory and investigative and lays the foundation for a larger pilot project where one by using available freight-relevant information, adding new data sources and sharing these amounts of information in a controlled manner can achieve a higher level of security with regard to when the transport arrives and a better knowledge of the impact that the transport has had on the goods (eg sustainability for food).

The project will also study the possibility of reducing manual processes such as scanning of pallets and handling of paper documents.

Finally, the project will explore the possibility of increasing societal benefits by describing the sustainability impact the transport has had in terms of both ecological sustainability and social sustainability (such as regulatory compliance with regard to driving and rest times) appropriate to monitor contract compliance and CSR policies, for example. the possibility of supplementing Fair Transport will be investigated.

Time period
2019-10-01 - 2020-05-31

Jonas Mårtensson, KTH ITRL

Project partners
Scania CV, KTH ITRL, Ericsson, Lidl, Postnord