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DELTA is a pilot for on demand-controlled public transport with smaller vehicles aimed at studying and changing people's behavioral patterns around shared vehicles.
Photo by Luke Insoll on Unsplash

DELTA is a full-scale project with behavioral drive towards on-demand mobility in public transport, aimed at making mobility social and introducing people in Kista to the opportunity to share the journey. and no congestion. This is achieved through two selected use cases: user experience and integration with public transport.

We mainly target two target groups - people working in Kista Science City (northern Kista) and the residents in Kista (south side) with the aim of integrating these and increasing security in the area. DELTA is one of several mobility projects in Kista that aims to develop new mobility patterns by using new concepts, on-demand services and by developing new integrated solutions for public transport that can be scalable. The vehicles in DELTA will be complemented by other vehicle fleets with different levels of connected automation and other connected services in Ericsson Traffic Tower.

We strive to improve mobility services in the Kista area and reduce the incoming use of private cars (53%) to free up new areas for growth. Our research focus is on the consumer experience and end-users' views on what new autonomous public transport should look like; efficient, safe and fun. Our ultimate goal is to make ridesharing in autonomous public transport as easy and convenient as traveling alone. Keywords: on-demand mobility services, shared mobility, ridesharing, social integration

Project period:
2020-02-01 - 2020-12-31 

Project partners:
Kista Science City, Keolis, Ericsson 

Sara Nozkova,