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Data driven policy development

In and around the traffic system in Sweden, large amounts of data and information are generated, from a variety of sources, which are not used today. The Swedish Transport Administration see a potential for using this ecosystem of planning, maintenance, traffic management, monitoring and strategy work.

This project develops new methods for collecting and analyzing data, simulating/exploring policy options, using cloud infrastructure and integrating data services and tools, and involving stakeholders in policy work.

The project is based on areas where new technologies are able to promote development in line with the traffic policy objectives for Sweden - but where current policy needs to be developed to realize the new technology.

The idea of the project is to use practical method development - linked to passenger transport, freight traffic or professional traffic in the city - and thus take the first step to describe how traffic authorities at a general level can coordinate and experiment with data-driven policy development.


The work is mainly conducted with case study-oriented workshops. In addition to direct transfer of knowledge at work, lessons learned from cases will be compiled together with general needs and opportunities.

During the project, methods will be developed and tested to:

  • collect data, analyze data, simulate / explore policy options
  • use cloud infrastructure and integrate data services and tools, and
  • involve stakeholders in policy work (collection, analysis, simulation/exploration and follow-up).

Project website

Project period
2017-09-01 - 2018-09-30

Project partners
Vinnova, Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency, IBM and the Swedish Transport Administration

The project is led by RISE Viktoria.