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CeViSS - Cloud enhanced cooperative traffic safety using vehicle sensor data

The project will study how sensors on connected vehicles can contribute to a better picture of the current traffic situation, in order to provide better conditions for a qualitative traffic control.

The project will use and extend the AD Aware Traffic Control platform to connect and interact with vehicle sensor platforms and analyze how this, together with other traffic and vehicle-related data, can be used to coordinate and improve traffic safety services, as well as investigate legal aspects of such services.

The system will be connected to several different vehicle fleets with advanced driver support functions (ADAS) and varying degrees of self-driving functions (AD). Vehicles from both Volvo Cars, CEVT and Veoneer will be used for practical tests during the project. The work will build on the cloud-based platform developed in the projects "AD Aware Traffic Control" (2016-04302), "AD Aware Traffic Control Emergency vehicles" (2017-01985) and "AD Aware Traffic Control Advanced Cooperative Driver Assistance" (2018-03991).

The project uses the technology found in Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud and its results will be integrated into this innovation platform for future use.

Project period:
2020-01-07 - 2020-12-23

Project partners:
CarmentaVeoneer, CEVT, Volvo Cars and Ericsson

Kristian Jaldemark,