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Autonomous transport system

If autonomous vehicles should have a future role in urban environments, technology and technology systems need to provide a clear value to the users, in this case both for cities and its residents. Autonomous vehicles must become a resource for the city and create value in the urban environment.

The project is about a wide collaborating on the challenges of the city, and based on these, find values ​​and a common picture about what we are facing. The backbone of the project is the implementation of five co-creation labs, where every opportunity is devoted to a specific challenge. In order to keep it at a specific level, co-creation lab will face challenges in the form of concrete problems in the city and explore how autonomous vehicles can provide solutions to these, such as accessibility and parking, freight transport, increased integration.


The co-creation lab itself is a full-day exercise with people from business and academia, as well as the city and other public activities. The Drive Sweden network is an important participant, and also the city's planning administrations. The co-creation method can be used for further work within Drive Sweden with a holistic view of what autonomous vehicles and systems can contribute in the city and to society.

Planned results from the co-creation lab

  • Common and better holistic view of the interaction between vehicles - IT systems - city and society.
  • Identification of knowledge gaps and skills needs with SWOT analyzes.
  • Collaboration between different actors and technicians and industries around concrete challenges.
  • Basis for continued work and project proposals.
  • Communication 

Download the final report here

Project period
1 augusti 2016 – 31 mars 2017

Projekt partners
Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborgs stad, SAFER, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

Anna Svensson,
+46 (0)31 368 18 48

Anna Nilsson-Ehele,
+46 (0) 31 772 36 55