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Automation for increased accessibility

(2016-2017) How much can the future self-driving vehicles help to increase the freedom of people with disabilities? In this feasibility study, Norconsult Astando, Norconsult and Viktoria Swedish ICT conduct a series of workshops with this theme.

Today's transport system limits the freedom of movement for people with disabilities. It also entails large costs for society. In the debate, disabled people are used as examples of the benefits of autonomous vehicles and automatic transport systems. But how well do the transport solutions of the future meet their needs? Do the needs look different for different groups? Can they even conflict with each other?

Now is the time to take into account the needs of those who are most profitable of automation. When developing the transport system of the future, we can already develop benchmarks for how well these groups' needs are met. In this way we avoid expensive retrofits.

Norconsult Astando AB, Norconsult AB and the research institute Viktoria Swedish ICT have received funding from Vinnova to develop such benchmarks. The pre-study "Automation for increased accessibility?" is operated within the strategic innovation program Drive Sweden. The project will develop tools, working methods and models to assess how automated vehicles can contribute to increased accessibility for people with disabilities.

Project reports

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Norconsult Astando AB
Martin Holmgren
+46 (0)707-56 88 58

Norconsult AB
Carolin Folkeson
+46 (0)31-50 50 63

Viktoria Swedish ICT
Cristofer Englund
+46 (0)708-56 02 27

Project period: 
Augusti 2016 – april 2017

Project partners:
Norconsult Astando, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Norconsult, Synskadades riksförbund (SRF), Förbundet för ett samhälle utan rörelsehinder (DHR), Västra Götalandsregionen - sektion Sjukresor avdelningarna E-hälsa och Folkhälsa, Västtrafik, Volvo Cars, Göteborgs Stad, Göteborgs universitet - institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik