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The Auto Pilot in Barkarby

(2017-2020) As part of the world's most modern public transport, autonomous buses have been running on a regular schedule for the service providers since October 2018. The project develops new technology and provides the rapidly growing Barkarby town and its inhabitants with a first/last mile solution for transport.
En självkörande buss i Barkarbystaden. Bild: Nobina.
The project is part of KRABAT, a part of the Government’s innovation partnership program, “The next generation’s travel and transport,” and is funded in part by Vinnova through Drive Sweden.

The aim of the project is to build on the project Autopilot in Kista to create a whole that is integrated in the existing public transport and to continue driving Sweden's leading position for integrated, shared and electric self-driving vehicles.

The project will be run with a number of main purposes. These are:

  • to build on the lessons learned from the autopilot in Kista
  • to accelerate the integration of autonomous vehicles in the existing public transport
  • to increase the availability of sustainable shared travel
  • to drive innovation for sustainable growth in mobility
  • to promote collaborations between companies, academia, city and politics in a complex issue
  • to contribute to the design of future legal requirements for autonomous systems in Sweden

Since October 25 2018, three buses have been in regular service in Barkarbystaden. The main purpose of the first part of the project was to see how the buses can be used in general public transport with demands for high frequency and long operating times. The purpose has also been to see the travelers' opinions and the degree of utilization of the service.

The first trial period gave a positive outcome, with a project extension from SL as a result. In the next step of the project, the main purpose will be shifted to expanding the functionality of the vehicles through technology development and further expanding the passenger benefits and number of travelers by developing the bus service and technology.

Together with project partners SLL, Järfälla municipality and Drive Sweden, we will continue to focus on the following areas:

  • Best logic for how the routes are planned
  • Graphic interface to customer
  • Communication with the vehicle (Customer indicates travel needs, planning of the best route, route sent to the vehicle, the vehicle can interpret signals without operator and go away himself)
  • Interface to "ordinary" app for public transport with timetable and payment solution.

The project is a part of KRABAT

More on Nobina's webpage (in Swedish)

Read the final report for Autopilot in Kista here (in Swedish)

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Nobina, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Järfälla Kommun, KTH