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AI Aware

AI Powered Awareness for Traffic Safety (AI Aware) is a concept to investigate and test central traffic control supporting connected and automated vehicles. Through a collaborative cloud environment, we will research how AI can enable predictive awareness in a Smart City context.
A connected city.

By collaborating between traffic authorities, traffic management providers, map and location data providers and OEMs, an increased level of predictive awareness could be reached. Also, by aiming beyond real-time the project has the potential to predict and prevent an accident from happening. The collaborative Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud infrastructure will be used for communicating warning messages and thereby preventing accidents and hazards from occurring.

Summary and conclusions

The project has explored how multiple traffic- and road-related datasets can be analyzed using AI algorithms to identify roads with an elevated accident risk. Massive real-time data streams as well as large historic datasets have been evaluated by the project and then used to feed the AI algorithm. The ability to turn huge, but currently under-utilized, datasets into specific and quantified accident risk predictions may be used for proactive traffic management that ultimately could prevent accidents to occur. This would be a huge gain in the efforts to create a safer traffic system and the project has laid the foundation for this.

A few of the conclusions from the project are:

  • The goal is that the concepts explored in the AI Aware project will lead to increased traffic safety and eventually Zero Accidents. An anticipated additional effect is better traffic flow in general which will have positive effects for both personal health, the economy, and the environment.
  • The AD Aware Central Traffic Control system, developed and refined through a series of Drive Sweden projects, proved again to be a very efficient technical framework to share data between different types of organizations.
  • Privacy and GDPR regulations are important factors that has large impact on the data made available for new exploratory use cases.
  • Accident Risk Alerts channeled through a centralized traffic control system and dispatched to vehicles to avoid particularly risky parts of the roads have a great potential to prevent accidents.
  • The Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud can be used as a platform that meets the needs of producers and consumers or various data types, providing a set of the online tools and visualization dashboards.
  • Traffic accidents often happen on the same segments of the roads, there is also correlation with the specific time periods. These dependencies can be the subject of the further study.
  • It is necessary to collect data on traffic accidents for subsequent analysis and identification of hazardous patterns.

The project partners see great potential in the technology developed in the project and several of them are looking to continue the work with gathering, fusing, and analyzing more data and to further develop the models and concepts.

Project film

Final report

This project is concluded, read the final report here

Time period
November 2020 - September 2022

Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation (Coordinator), Zenseact, Carmenta, EricssonHERE Technology, Trafikverket, City of Gothenburg