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AHA II - A Human Approach II

AHA II is based on the collaborative model developed in AHA, where they engaged the users in the development of future mobility solutions.
Some of the participants in AHA.

AHA II responds to an increased need for both public-sector and industry collaborations, as well as involving and engaging the public in developing the next generation of mobility in the smarter cities of the future.

The purpose of the project is, based on people's everyday lives in so-called Living Labs in specific districts of Helsingborg and Gothenburg, to prototype future mobility services that are integrated into urban planning for door-to-door transport of people and goods. The project will be presented continuously in both public contexts, academia and industry, nationally and internationally, and will host Drive Sweden events and theme meetings.

Time period
2019-10-01 - 2021-12-31

Vaike Fors, Halmstad University​ 

Project partners
Halmstad University, Volvo Cars (Human-Centric Lab), Gothenburg City, Helsingborg City, Skånetrafiken, Västtrafik