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Advanced Cooperative Driver Assistance

(2018-2019) The project will test and demonstrate central cloud-based traffic management system which compiles information and coordinates the information exchange with and between connected vehicles.

The project will use and expand the platform AD Aware Traffic Control. This is done together with different vehicle manufacturers to gather and analyze how traffic- and vehicle related data can be used to coordinate and improve the information exchange between connected vehicles.

The system will be connected to both autonomous vehicles (Volvo Cars AD vehicles) and vehicles equipped with advanced driver support (CEVT ADAS vehicles). The work will further develop the cloud based platform produced  in the project ”AD Aware Traffic Control” which in turn was complemented by the project ”AD Aware Traffic Control – Emergency Vehicles”.

The project uses the technology in the Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud and its results will be integrated in the innovation platform for future use.


  • Study and demonstrate a cloud-based solution for safe sharing of traffic critical information between different vehicle manufacturers connected vehicles
  • Explore and evaluate how coordinated use of traffic critical information between multiple vehicle manufacturers connected vehicles can contribute to improved road safety

The project also aims at for instance study and demonstrate:

  • How a coordinated information exchange of data between a central traffic management and parallel controlled floats of connected vehicles from different vehicle manufacturers (Volvo Cars and CEVT) can be done in a safe and standardized way
  • Suitable methods for processing sensitive data in an acceptable manner for the parties, and according to current legislation, yet be so detailed that effective traffic management can be carried out
  • Appropriate information to transfer between different parts of the system
  • How available international standards can be used for the exchange of information


The goal of the project is to study and demonstrate a solution for safe sharing of traffic critical information between different vehicle manufacturers connected vehicles, coordinated by a central cloud platform.


Project period: 
2018-11-01– 2019-12-23

More information:
AD Aware Traffic Control                                
AD Aware Traffic Control – Emergency Vehicle Information
Read a final report here

Project partners:
CarmentaVolvo CarsCEVTEricssonRISE