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The purpose of the project is to develop solutions that can contribute to sustainable mobility in the form of demonstrators/pilots in a specific site, being useful "for all" and then being applied in a wider context.

By studying self-driving buses, the project intend to address:

  • The “For All” concept; how accessibility and the willingness and ability to use solutions can be defined and treated.
  • How trials and solutions in one site can be expanded to include other or extended contexts, e.g. geographical coverage.

The project will also add to known studies, experiments and implementations of self-driving buses, with the purpose to discuss what can drive the desire to provide a mobility service with self-driving buses and the will to use such a service. As an introduction to the discussions, ELIN, the self-driving bus in Vallastaden, Linköping will be demonstrated.

Time period

Project partners
VTI, Linköpings kommun, Transdev, Östgötatrafiken, Mjärdevi Science Park, Akademiska hus and municipalities, cities and regions in the different workshops.

Ingrid Skogsmo, VTI