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Roadmap Färingsö

With roadmap Färingsö, we wanted to accelerate the transition to tomorrow's vision of connected, autonomous, digitalized and sustainable public transport for rural areas. By identifying and evaluating a number of sufficiently established technologies and services based on societal benefit, economy and environmental effects, including on demand public transport, the projects' ambitiona was to prepare for a subsequent pilot stage where we evaluate these, with travelers, on Färingsö in Ekerö municipality.

En busshållsplats.

Sweden is a country with a large proportion of the population living in rural areas, and who are dependent on the private, usually fossil-powered, car. By demonstrating benefit, acceptance and efficiency, which acts as a strong source of inspiration, the project wants to accelerate the transition to a new sustainable public transport that can be implemented in more places in the Stockholm region and around Sweden.

The project comprised of two stages. The first step was to conclude the feasibility study. Stage 2 was a pilot project where a larger consortium was set up together based on the results from stage 1 and included implementation, tests and evaluations in the target environment with real travelers and operational system components, services and business models on Färingsö within Ekerö municipality. 

Take part in the final presentation of the project

May 2022 - September 2023

Magnus Fransson, Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable InnovationRegion StockholmK2 - Nationellt Kunskapscentrum för Kollektivtrafik/Malmö University

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