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REDIG: Regional Logistic Hubs in Gothenburg

REDIG intended to lay the foundations for a new, open and fossil-free logistics system for the event route in Gothenburg. The project also were a part of the Gothenburg Green City Zone. In this preliminary study, we analyzed logistics flows from a number of strategic actors and how a consolidation of goods could be carried out sustainably, commercially and with an improved environment in the area.

Liseberg i Göteborg. Foto: Göteborg & Co.

The preliminary study intended to:

  • Investigate future freight flows, infrastructure, the needs of the various businesses, the possibility of evening/night deliveries, as well as a preparation of design principles for a first freight hub to the event route.
  • Find out what demands the actors might have on the digital infrastructure and the data sharing that will be required in order to be able to roll out a relatively large freight hub that could be groundbreaking and thus a good example for other cities and other countries.
  • Determine the appropriate business model for pooling as well as an analysis of how road safety and total emissions can be affected at the system level, as well as document a method that can be scaled up and exported.
  • Collaborate with Predictive Movement and the logistics digital twin being developed in CLOSER's logistics data lab.

Based on data from freight flows, a suitable preliminary location were proposed for a first pilot hub in the subsequent project.

Take part in the final presentation of the project

Time period
September 2022 - February 2023

Anna Eriksson, RISE

RISE, Volvo Technology, Liseberg, Lindholmen Science Park, Svenska Mässan, Got Event, Göteborg Energi 

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