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Cooperation on mobility for municipalities

Within the framework of the project called "Cooperation on mobility for municipalities", the ambition is to create a prototype for a network where representatives from municipalities meet in digital organized set ups to exchange experiences and discuss lessons learned about ongoing projects. The aim is to investigate how such a network needs to work in order to support in the best way.

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New mobility requires new skills and new collaborations between actors.

- There is a desire and need among municipalities that they want to exchange experiences and learn from each other in order to manage new forms of mobility, says Karolina Pamp, mobility strategist and responsible for the project. The municipalities have a lot to gain from collaborating and building on each other's knowledge. Within the framework of the "Cooperation on mobility for municipalities" project, the aim is to create a prototype for a form of network where representatives from the municipalities meet digitally to exchange experiences and discuss lessons learned about ongoing projects. The purpose is to investigate how such a network needs to function in order to support collaboration and share experiences in the best possible way.

Expected result

The expected result is an increase in competence among the participants and a PM with conclusions and recommendations for further work. This compilation will be published on Drive Sweden's website.

Method and approach

It is important to have a national spread and variety among the municipalities, both geographically, in terms of size and the center of gravity the municipality has. Is it, for example, a student town or commuter municipality, or what conditions characterize the municipalities' starting position?

Afterwards, a number of civil servants from some municipalities will be interviewed with the aim of recording their experiences of new mobility and their need for cooperation. The interviews are also a way to identify relevant themes within mobility. With this as a starting point, the municipalities will be invited to network meetings with different themes and arrangements and reflect on the approach. In the last phase of the project, the project participants will summarize conclusions from the various digital meetings and give recommendations for a continuation.

Take part in the final presentation of the project

Project period
October 2022 - September 2023

Karolina Pamp

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