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Pioneers in MaaS

ITS International recently held the MaaS Market conference aimed at putting MaaS into practice. Several companies presented their efforts to make MaaS a reality [1]

The session was opened by Hans Arby, CEO for UbiGo, a MaaS pioneer that started offering MaaS subscription already since 2013. 70 households in Gothenburg, Sweden paid €130 a month and made as much as 12,000 bookings while putting aside 20 personal cars. A new trial will be launched this year in Stockholm and will serve as input for law-makers.

According to Hans, we are currently on level 1 of MaaS integration, reaching the highest tier would require governmental support for selling public transport tickets via third-parties. Also representing Sweden was Samtrafiken, a public-private group of investor that aims at establishing a national integration platform for combined mobility. Samtrafiken will first trial their platform with Gothenburg’s public transport Västtrafik, and continue with Stockholm and Malmö in 2018/2019.

Austria Tech was also present and discussed their efforts in setting up an integrated mobility platform based on their previous work with the Smile Project which offered 15 different mobility services.


Personal comments

I was one of the 70 households that tested UbiGo back in 2013 and I was really impressed by the "simpleness" of the concept. I naively questioned why this hadn't been done before. And yet it wasn't until several years later that we see companies like UbiGo and Whim starting their services. The organizational innovation that is required for MaaS requires tremendous efforts and a true willingness to cooperate and be open about data, APIs but also about "sharing" customers. I'm hopeful that we will see a MaaS level 4 service in the near future.


Written by Magda Collado, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2017-08. MaaS Market conference platform for pioneering project