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Padam Mobility

Padam Mobility's smart and dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions, based on intelligent routing algorithms, support transit operators, transport and local authorities as well as private companies to offer their passengers tailor-made modes of mobility. In this way, Padam Mobility plays an important role in making DRT available to as many users as possible in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

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Taking Care Of Shared Mobility

How will the future of mobility look like? Padam Mobility is committed to a more sustainable form of mobility that is not only environmentally friendly but also inclusive. In particular, people living in rural areas, and those with limited mobility are benefiting from Padam Mobility's solutions.


Padam Mobility offers a comprehensive DRT software suite that includes all components needed for a smooth operation: A user interface for easy access to the service, an ergonomic interface for drivers and a powerful management interface for optimal monitoring and control of service operations.    

Use Cases

Since 2014, Padam Mobility supports its clients as a trustworthy partner. Around 70 territories in Europe, Asia and North America use their solutions. Padam Mobility is particularly specialised in the use cases Corporate Transport, First and Last Mile, Paratransit, Off-Peak Hours and Peri-Urban & Rural Areas.