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The Nordic Countries Join Forces for Serious MaaS Development

Last week, participants of the European Commission’s Digital Excellence Forum in Helsinki got front row for the announcement of The Nordic Mobility Innovations Platform (NMIP). [1,2]

Funded by Nordic Innovation (an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers) and coordinated by the Finnish smart mobility platform company Kyyti Group, the NMIP project is here to change the way people move, by creating a unified and standardized mobility market.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) exists in multiple cities across Europe, but those services seldom collaborate on a national scale, and even less across borders. But the NMIP project draws its inspiration from earlier Nordic successes in mobile phone technologies, where both NMT and GSM originated out of early Nordic initiatives to create international standards.

The project team including Nordic ITS-organizations, The Capital Region of Denmark, the Swedish MaaS operator UbiGo and research centres RISE from Sweden and TØI from Norway, are now aiming for a future where we tell the same story about MaaS as for NMT. NMIP is structured in three tracks to make this happen:

1. Roaming MaaS across the Nordics

2. Standardized, pan-Nordic open market

3. Knowledge sharing and collaborative innovation


Personal comments

It's appealing to imagine a future where MaaS has been widely integrated with our daily transport behaviour, because let’s face it, having one app to access mobility even in other countries would be awesome! As the 11th largest economy in the world, new solutions and standards created in the Nordic can have clear ripple effects even on the global scale.

In parallel with this Nordic initiative, the Swedish government recently launched an investigation for a national ticketing system to include all public transport. 

It will most certainly be interesting to follow what these actions might produce, and how it will affect the course of mobility.


Written by Hampus Alfredsson, RISE Viktoria.



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