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Public engagement

Människor som interagerar. Foto: Emely Niemi Jonsson, Högskolan i Halmstad
Foto: Emely Niemi Jonsson, Högskolan i Halmstad

The public’s acceptance, input, experiences are pivotal for new mobility services and means of transport to be as useful and profitable as possible. Drive Sweden’s work with public engagement has emerged from previous projects on public acceptance and human-centric collaborative innovation methods and now we take the lessons learnt into our new work in the field.

A wide public acceptance to connected, automated and shared vehicles has been identified as a priority for government, industry and other stakeholders to reap the predicted societal, business benefits associated with the mobility solutions these vehicles imply.

Addressing the challenges connected to this has shown the need to develop methods and collaborative models that aims at engaging the public in contributing to how future sustainable mobility solutions develop. The public needs to be part of the process of creating new mobility solutions through user-involving innovation methods.

We bring different stakeholders together and use everyday life experiences as starting points for creating realistic solutions and opportunities to cross-fertilise the diverse knowledge and perspectives from Drive Sweden’s partners. This creates a dynamic and holistic approach that is unique.

Public engagement also taps into questions of accessibility, ethics and socially responsible development, and Drive Sweden forms a viable platform for creating broader conversations between product and society developers, policy makers and the people who are potentially affected by the technology.

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Contact Vaike Fors, Halmstad University, responsible for public