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Policy development

New innovation risk to not be used or to be delayed due to old regulations. New digital mobility solutions are pushing all kinds of legal systems to change, adapt, clarify and make new definitions. Therefore, Drive Sweden aims to be a platform for stakeholder collaboration around the development of policies and regulations for new cooperative, connected and automated mobility solutions.

The legal framework addressing mobility and connected services is not always as up to date as the technology, nor as fast-moving. The transport applications affected by regulatory innovation are very broad. The examples are many in car sharing, privacy issues that affect both Control Towers and today's services such as car hire, and self-driving and driverless systems. Smart and integrated supporting services need to be introduced and policies supporting e.g. the necessary sharing of data must be implemented.

In an effort to tie innovation and regulation closer together Drive Sweden has worked with the policy lab concept within the KRABAT project and will continue to facilitate for stakeholders to collaborate - stakholders that want and/or have the possibility to change policies.

Important in this matter is the European and international outlook. Without this, the output of innovation within mobility might be halted. That is why we stay updated and involved in international collaboration.

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Contact our leaders for policy development.

Kent Eric Lång, RISE

Sofia Granath, Wireless Car

Ongoing projects


  • Drive Sweden Policy Lab Read more

    Since regulations cannot change in a speed that matches the quick development of technology and market, new methods for policy and regulation innovation are needed.

Completed projects


  • Data driven policy development Read more

    In and around the traffic system in Sweden, large amounts of data and information are generated, from a variety of sources, which are not used today. The Swedish Transport Administration see a potential for using this ecosystem of planning, maintenance, traffic management, monitoring and strategy work.

  • PLATT Read more

    To meet today's challenges regarding technology development in relation to existing rules and laws, public and private actors need to see each other's perspectives to find sustainable solutions. The purpose of the project is to explore the challenge in experimental activities for self-driving transport services.