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Wants vehicles to be used smarter - seeks exemption from the government

Skövdebostäder wants to find new opportunities to use their vehicles in a smarter and more effective way. Therefore, the company is currently applying for an exemption from the government. The initiative is made possible thanks to support from Vinnova-funded Drive Sweden Policy Lab.
En av Skövdebostäders bilar. Foto: Skövdebostäder.

"Our task is to drive the development towards a sustainable transport system. Through innovation and collaboration between the actors in the mobility system, Sweden can make better use of the opportunities of digitalisation. The initiative is a good example of how we contribute to identifying and seeking solutions to legal and business barriers. It is also about tackling a challenge for car sharing that we have identified from previous projects." says Malin Andersson, Programme Director at Drive Sweden.

"If we can rent out our cars outside working hours in a simpler and at the same time safe way, we can provide an additional service to our tenants that enables more sustainable choices. At the same time, the results from this project can facilitate and create new opportunities for mobility services for many businesses, which can make a real difference." says Lina Eklund Svensson, Head of Marketing and Development at Skövdebostäder.

Drive Sweden Policy Lab is run by the research institute RISE, which assists Skövdebostäder with applications to the government. The purpose of the lab is to explore how laws and regulations relate to technology and service development in the field of mobility.

Read more about Skövdebostäder's application to the government here (Swedish)

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