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The Swedish government orders investigation of the conditions for automated vehicles

The state-owned road infrastructure will be reviewed for the possibilities of using automated vehicles to a greater extent. In a new assignment from the Swedish Government, the Swedish Transport Administration is asked to investigate both the condition of the road infrastructure and the needs for implementing new technologies. Drive Sweden welcomes the decision as the result can pave the way for more sustainable solutions.
A road. Photo by marius sebastian on Unsplash.

"This is a highly anticipated decision. It is of the utmost importance that our roads allow and facilitate automated vehicles in our joint work for the sustainable mobility of the future", says Jan Hellåker, chairman of Drive Sweden.

The Swedish Transport Administration has been commissioned by the Swedish Government to investigate to what extent the state-owned road infrastructure is suitable for a possible implementation of connected and automated systems in vehicles.

The assignment includes to review what measures need to be taken to ensure that the necessary functions are in place, which alternative technical solutions can supplement or replace parts of the current road infrastructure and to investigate what the maintenance of necessary road equipment can look like. This could, as an example, be that road markings are designed and maintained in such a way that they can be read mechanically or that traffic signs do not provide conflicting information.

"A secured standard in the Swedish road network paves the way for more connected mobility solutions, which in turn can contribute to more efficient and safe traffic", says Malin Andersson, Programme Director for Drive Sweden.

The assignment is to be reported to the Government Offices (Ministry of Infrastructure) no later than 29 July 2022.

Within Drive Sweden, a number of actors work with solutions and the pre-conditions that are needed to enable a connected mobility system. Among them, the DigInfra project discusses the division of responsibilities required between various state, regional, municipal and private actors in order for digital infrastructure and the basic conditions for connected mobility to be implemented and maintained. Read more about DigInfra here

Read more about the Swedish Government's commission here (in Swedish)