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Successful testing of how sensor data can add to traffic safety

The Drive Sweden project CeViss has released its final report and takes the AD Aware Traffic Control to yet another level. In this project the partners have made great use of vehicle sensors in order to improve traffic safety.

The project has, for example, demonstrated how data registered by sensors was collected, analyzed and enhanced in real-time on a central cloud level and then shared with two OEM partners. Their connected cars could then take appropriate action and more precisely mitigate the hazard on their road ahead. The project also showed how they could send instructions to the cars such as a recommended speed inside geofences (to be used by the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)) and search requests to look for specific symbols or texts (e.g. license plate numbers).

The main deliverables from the project were filmed during live proof-of-concept trials performed on several occasions with final tests successfully completed at the AstaZero test track. Watch the film at the top of this page!

As the sharing of sensor data have possible privacy concerns, the legal aspects were also investigated.

Read more about the results here