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Reflections from Almedalen

Friday, June 28, 2024

After a few days in warm, beautiful Almedalen, it is clear that the green and digital transition is in full swing and that tech companies are taking an increasingly larger role. Many emphasized that Sweden needs to step up in technological development to retain jobs and maintain a leading position in global development.

Foto på fyra personer som står på en scen i Almedalen och diskuterar under ledning av en kvinnlig mötesledare

It has finally become the norm to talk about sustainability issues, but it is unconventional collaborations that create actual change. Collaborations that can be difficult to establish.

In light of this, the pride in Drive Sweden becomes even greater. A partnership that dares and wants to drive technological development together is exactly what is needed! When parties from the entire value chain gather around the goals, acknowledge each other's difficulties, understand obstacles, and accept why these hinder good ideas, that's when constructiveness blossoms and we gain the ability to solve problems together.

Två kvinnor och en man som står på scen i Almedalen och diskuterar
Kvinna som står på en scen i Almedalen och berättar om Drive Sweden

Therefore, the highlight of this year was the roundtable discussions. Gathering over coffee in a cramped kitchen is not only quintessentially Swedish summer but also proves to be truly effective. So thank you to everyone in Drive Sweden for generously sharing your successes, challenges, and seeking solutions together!

We are already looking forward to meeting again this fall at FORUM on September 5th, to continue the conversations that drive development forward.

Until then, have a great summer!

/Peter Eriksson, Chairman and Malin Andersson, Program Director, Drive Sweden

In addition to several roundtable discussions, Malin Andersson participated in two different seminars that you can read more about and watch the recordings of below.

Peter Eriksson och Malin Andersson

Drive Sweden on site in Almedalen

Drive Sweden is present at this year's Almedals Week to discuss how digitalized, automated, and...