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New members in the Drive Sweden program office

Drive Sweden´s day-to-day work is carried out by the program office, under the direction of the program director. The program office consists of representatives from our partner organizations, working within different parts of the ecosystem of future mobility. Today we have the pleasure to present three new representatives of the program office. Welcome!
Christina Stenman Jörgensen, Lena Vidin och Sara Nozkova.
Christina Stenman Jörgensen, Lena Vidin and Sara Nozkova.

Business Models: Christina Stenman Jörgensen, AB Volvo

“This feels like an interesting and exciting mission that I am looking forward to. At AB Volvo, my role is to promote the use of project collaborations with partners for Volvo to develop innovative and sustainable transport solutions for our smart society of the future. The automotive industry is undergoing major transformations right now, while new technologies are being developed at a high pace. In this process it is vital to find added value for our customers and at the same time contributing to a more sustainable society.”
“Drive Sweden is a fantastic platform for collaboration, where you create new transport solutions that can be tested in real environments together. My driving force is primarily in working with the business benefits of new technologies and how new business models and transport systems can be created from a sustainability perspective - an area I am happy to contribute to in Drive Sweden's program office.”

Policy Development: Lena Vidin, Swedish Transport Agency

“As head of strategic analysis at the Swedish Transport Agency I am responsible for overall statistics and analyzes of the development of roads and railways in Sweden. We work with overall market monitoring, external analysis and management of the agency's FOI operations. The Swedish Transport Agency is also responsible for national and international regulations, permits, supervision and registers in all modes of transport. I look forward to contributing with my experiences in Drive Sweden's program office.”

Society Planning: Sara Nozkova, Kista Science City

“My ambition is to accelerate and further develop the society planning processes that enable for development and scaling up of future mobility solutions. My goal is to open up for new processes and collaborations between IT and Telecom industry and the traditional automotive sector, in order to prepare the automotive sector for new and more complex systems with new types of vehicles, electrified roads, charging adaptable infrastructure, connected vehicles and mobility solutions – together with new digital technology, circularity, sustainability and public engagement requirements.”

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