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The LIMA pilot is launched!

The LIMA mobility service is now available and open to all test users! More than 300 users from more than 15 companies at Lindholmen are thus starting to test the service. It is possible to rent an electric car, travel by taxi or public transport and to find the best alternatives to get around and easily decide whether the cost should go to your employer or yourself.
The LIMA app.

All test users are now welcome to download the app and start testing. Given the situation with the ongoing pandemic, we encourage everyone to follow the authorities' advice to reduce the spread of infection and we hope that LIMA can help you find good alternatives for your trips.

LIMA and the corona pandemic – you can still contribute

As a result of the corona pandemic a lot of people work from home and avoid traveling in the city. However, this does not stop you as a test user of LIMA because we are interested in adapting our service to people's travel habits and in order to do so we need information about your new needs as travel patterns change. In the app, you can easily share your opinions and ideas directly to the responsible developers.

In connection to the pilot launch we also ask users to answer a questionnaire, for us to be able to evaluate the effects of LIMA in the best way possible. So we wish for a very valuable response from you!

Services available in the LIMA app

At the moment, the app lets you buy travel by public transport, rent an electric car and travel by taxi. In addition, you get easy access to a bike sharing service, car sharing and parking – and a traffic view where you can see which modes of transport are available at our mobility hubs and when public transport rolls into stops.

By a simple tap in app you can choose if you or your employer should be charged for the trip, allowing you to keep track of your travel costs and removing the hustle of reporting receipts for business trips.

The pilot will run until the end of September 2021. We look forward to testing and developing sustainable travel during this time.

We urge you to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Government on how to act during the pandemic and to contribute in all possible ways to stop the spread of the disease. But when you really have to move from one place to another, consider finding a safe way of traveling with LIMA and stay cautious.