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HUGO - sustainable and autonomous parcel delivery

HUGO delivery - which stands for “here you go” - is a start-up developing an AGV (autonomous ground vehicle) for parcel delivery. A demo at Lindholmen Science Park on January 28th, showed how HUGO has gone from idea to prototype, building a last mile delivery robot driving from one point to another.

The future of e-commerce is growing extremely fast and as a result, creating a negative impact on our planet. The future of parcel delivery will be dominated by autonomous delivery models, and the change will arrive sooner than most expect. HUGO and its partners is aiming at being at the forefront of this transition, pioneering how the landscape of last mile deliveries in the near future. 

The company’s focus is on modularity and aims to tackle the problems associated with the last mile in the logistics chain. Today, the last mile of delivering packages is a costly, time consuming and unsustainable part of the value chain of consumer goods. 

The company was founded in August 2018, and has since then been working on building a prototype. The robot is a modular platform which will be able to handle different sizes and types of packages. 

HUGO delivery is currently mainly funded by Berge Consulting, a design and technology company located at Lindholmen Science park in Gothenburg. HUGO additionally currently is involved in two different research projects partly funded by Drive Sweden and Vinnova.

Partners for these projects include the Textile school in Borås, Ericsson, Something Borrowed, and Sportlala. Working with the Textile school in Borås, Ericsson and Sportlala, HUGO looks to develop and integrate circular textile services. Investigations will also be made into the possibilities of improving the return process both from a consumer convenience and sustainability points of view. 

The demo Jan 28th at Lindholmen Science Park marked the end of the project sponsored by Vinnova, Drive Sweden and Berge Consulting, that started September 2018. The project focused on going from idea to prototype building a last mile delivery robot driving from one point to another at Lindholmen. The project ends in February 2019.

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