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Drive Sweden Policy Lab gets extended

New mobility solutions for people and goods are in many ways dependent on laws, regulations and tax systems. What kind of vehicles are allowed on our streets? What forms of ownership are possible, legally and fiscally? Drive Sweden Policy Lab explores how technology and service development relates to existing legal space and tax systems and the project has now been extended for 2022.

“To begin with, in 2021/22 we will investigate three different cases to identify policy-related obstacles and generate solutions. First, we will look at what a simpler and more modern tax system for private car sharing could look like. Secondly, we will investigate the potential of camera surveillance in public transport, says Cilli Sobiech, who works as a researcher at RISE and is the project manager for Drive Sweden Policy Lab.

“Finally, we test how smart cameras and other sensors could be used in autonomous buses and traffic cameras for more efficient traffic management with the help of AI technology.”

The benefits created by Drive Sweden Policy Lab are many and the concrete cases and solutions are of great importance.

“Policy and regulatory development and how we interpret laws are crucial for the development of future mobility solutions. What is so good about Drive Sweden Policy Lab is that we thoroughly investigate problems that different actors encounter and work together to find solutions and recommend ways forward”, says Sofie Vennersten, Programme Director at Drive Sweden.

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