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Montpellier Tries New Smart Parking Solutions

The city of Montpellier in France is often at the forefront of smart mobility projects. Now, the city has installed 20 Libelium Plug and Sense! Smart Parking nodes as part of a project aimed at improving traffic flow. Antennas have also been installed around the city to increase coverage of Montpellier’s LoRa Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), which helps to facilitate the use of this smart parking technology [1].

The parking spot sensors will gather information on parking space usage and send it to data management displays. They will also monitor road surface temperature for road authorities. The nodes are currently installed in parking spaces for people with limited mobility and in parking spaces for delivery vehicles, but the eventual goal is for more nodes to be installed all over the Montpellier Metropolitan Area. Alicia Asin, the CEO of Libelium, said that solutions that shorten the time it takes to find a parking space are very important for cities today and that cities can benefit from smart parking solutions in many ways, such as increased revenues from parking, and fewer parking violations [1].

Smart parking solutions are becoming more and more popular all over the world – Libelium also has installations now in Dubai and Spain. The smart parking solutions sector is predicted to be worth approximately $1461.52 million by 2025, and Navigant Research recently predicted that by 2026 there will be 1.1 million smart parking spaces [1] .


Personal Comments

Projects like this that provide information to users cannot only rely on having good technology  - they also need the cooperation of users who understand how to use the technology. And in this case, many of those users are habituated to the traffic and parking systems that we currently have today, that may not be very efficient. It will be interesting to see if Montpellier includes any measures to educate users, or if the region’s drivers adapt to the new technology on their own.


Written by Ella Rebalski, RISE Viktoria



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