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London Develop Software to Keep Roads Moving

IT firm Sopra Steria has been awarded a contract by Transport for London (TfL) to develop new software which will help TfL get access to what is happening on the roads across London in real-time. [1]

The software will give everybody managing the road network a single, unified view of all known incidents and actions being taken on the network in real-time. Utilizing multiple data sources, the software will be able to analyse and generate incident alerts for TfL staff. TfL staff will then be able to make sure that vital information about incidents is quickly delivered to those who need it the most (such as emergency services) as well as TfL's customers and companies to provide routing advice to road users.

TfL is hoping that the software will help them tackle issues such as congestion and detecting and responding to incidents more efficiently.

This new control system is part of TfL's wider strategy to transform the way they manage their road network.


Personal comments

When considering the introduction of new mobility services and the rapid development of urbanization of most large to medium size cities, traffic congestion and incidents pose great challenges for traffic management systems. A system like this one, that offers real-time information of all incidents on the network, will be the basis for making decisions or control strategies that are aligned with the actual need.


Written by Mahdere DW Amanuel, RISE Viktoria.



[1] 2019-08-29. World-leading software to keep London’s roads moving.