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Individual projects

Personer sitter runt ett bord och har en workshop men post-it lappar, papper och penna

Do you have a project idea?

Read more about the steps in our open process below and email, and the office will contact you!

  1. The project consortium pitches the idea to the program office and then receives input on what the application should contain, potential collaboration partners, experiences from other projects, etc. The pitch takes place according to a presentation template.
  2. The project consortium submits the application including budget to the program office's assessment and attends the meeting to answer questions.
  3. The application is often iterated with participants in the program office, committee, etc.
  4. When the program office has approved the application, it is sent to the board for approval or disapproval.
  5. The project consortium attends the board meeting to describe the project and answer the board's questions. If the board approves the project, the application is entered on the Vinnova portal for the authority's final decision. It often happens that the application is iterated with committees from the board, if there are remaining questions.
  6. The applicant submits the application on Vinnova's portal. Vinnova decides on the project.
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