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Fiat’s New Concept Turns Customers into Designers

Fiat re-engineers it’s upgraded version of the latest Panda model, to offer a highly customizable “Centoventi EV concept” [1]. 

Take a glance at the 120th-anniversary vehicle concept that Fiat showcased at Geneva Motor Show about one week ago. Does the base of this vehicle look appealing to you? If the answer is yes, start being creative!


Picture: The Verge

The Centoventi concept is a customizable modular electric car intended to awake the inner Sims-player of its customers. Rethinking automotive ownership, Fiat lets you choose from different roofs (or no roof), bumpers, wheel covers and paint wraps, but that’s just the beginning. Once the exterior design is finished, you can start opting from 114 different accessories provided by Mopar (the parts, service and customer care organization within Fiat Chrysler Automobiles corporation).

Choose from different seat cushions and sound systems, add a passenger baby seat or a dog cage, put surfboard or luggage holders on the roof. The dashboard includes a series of holes to fit everything from cupholders to tablet stands, and Fiat even imagines the ability to 3D print parts at home that fit into the Centoventi puzzle.

Furthermore, to tackle range anxiety and sustainability, Fiat plans to enable additional battery packs easily attached to a floor mounted sliding rail system. And the roof choices include a solar panel option to power in-car electronics. The standard version of Centoventi is said to come with 100 km battery range, which can be extended by purchasing (or even renting) extra packs to get up to 500km of range.

Lastly, the tailgate of this vehicle is said to feature a display that can be rented to advertisers and thus generate some income by sharing messages to the outside world when standing still.


Personal comments

There is definitely some rethinking of car ownership going on here, but the question is whether Fiat focuses on funny accessories and a playground for designers and artists, or if this is a serious effort to encourage a transition to electric vehicles. The Fiat brand has, so far, not been amongst the top players in the evolution of mobility services or EVs, which makes me wonder if they intend to actually shift towards electric, or if they are just surfing the market trends to gain customer shares?


Written by Hampus Alfredsson, RISE Viktoria.



1. 2019-03-13. Fiat’s newest concept is a modular electric car you can almost endlessly customize.